Cullman Photography is a division of Cullman Today.

We provide broad-spectrum print, photographic, film, video, and multimedia products and services to the citizens of Cullman County, Alabama ... and beyond.


Cullman Photography was developed as a natural extension of our popular breaking news, community information media company, Cullman Today.


While we can do almost anything you can imagine utilizing print and broadcast media, the internet and social media, messaging and branding for any organization, agency, business or individual, we tend to specialize in the following areas in Cullman:


• Special occasion photography (weddings, reunions, functions)

• Memorable, intimate event coverage (corporate gatherings and events)

• Mass-gathering promotion and promotion (festivals, concerts, annual community events)

• Messaging, branding and demographic precision for political candidates

• Marketing and advertising for corporations, small businesses, and community leaders

• Graphic real-world photojournalism


Our current staff consists of:

Tiffany Abbott Collins

Timothy Collins

Kat Parker